Happy ending for Madhu Priya and Srikanth

madhu-priya-srikanthTelangana folk singer Madhu Priya took back the harassment case against her husband Srikanth and promised to continue her marital life with her husband.

Speaking to media channel Madhu Priya said, She was been influenced by her family to lodge case against her husband and allaged that her family members have attacked her husband.

But after being counselled by the Humayun Nagar police, she said that her husband, Srikanth, is a good guy and her family members have brainwashed her to part her away with Srikanth . She said, she would continue her relationship with her husband and have no differences with him.

Earlier she had lodged a police complaint against her husband for physically and mentally abusing her.

Madhu Priya married Srikanth in October 2015 against the wishes of her family.