Hansika wants to build an old age home

After adopting 20 kids on her 20th birthday, Hansika is toying with the idea of building an old age home. She was chosen as the brand ambassador of ‘Artha Meadows’ (villas). Speaking at the launch of this project, Hansika said, “It’s a great pleasure to be a brand ambassador of such a big project and I am extremely happy that I launched this particular project. The most attractive thing about this project was the villas, as I have a dream to build a villa for my loved ones, especially old aged people. Whenever I see old people on the road or anywhere else, I feel sorry and I wish I could take them home. In the near future, I have decided to use my passion for art to my advantage and put up a exhibition of my paintings. Whatever money I make from this exhibition, will go for charity and for an old age home for my loved ones.” The actress is currently awaiting the release of her Tamil film OKOK.