Hair Oil name as Title name for Mokshagna ?

Nata Simham Nandamuri Balakrishna’s son Mokshagna became topic of discussion for film nagar. Many of the people dont knew his name . Even some popular sites taking his name as ‘manojna’ , but his real name is ‘Mokshagna’ as mentioned. He is due to  enter Tollywood in next 5-6 years and fans already started  the discussion about his ‘Title Name’.

Annagaru, Mokshagna’s Grand Father NTR  has ‘Nata Ratna’ ,  his son Balakrishna has ‘Yuva Ratna’ and the fans looking for ‘Nava Ratna’ to Mokshagna. But Mokshagna & some other are not interested in this title name as it looks like  “Hair Oil” name. Many others opting for ‘Yuva Simham’. However, there are 5-6 years for his film career . Just wait and watch for clarification .