Hackers take on ISIS in cyber battle, 5.5K Twitter Accounts down

hackerAfter Paris Attacks, The hackers launched a cyber battle against ISIS. They claimed to have taken out 5,500 Twitter accounts linked to the Islamic State group,

The twitter handle #OpParis posted, People are asking why we aren’t attacking PSN accounts of ISIS militants. Well, that’s something to consider, but our main focus on Twitter. Yes, we may be taking down “valuable” sources of information, but Twitter isn’t the only place to get information.To report ISIS accounts, put them into a pastebin and post in IRC, or upload them to the link in our profile.

We understand that the site in our profile for reporting ISIS individuals is password protected. We had to stop the spammers so be patient.
Keep all lists of possible IS accounts private. We’ll have our reporting system back up soon. No need to damage those who aren’t guilty.Terror and fear is all they want. Isis is scared of unity, not bomb strikes. If we all stand together, there’ll be nothing left for them.

Facebook this year banned any praise of “terrorist” groups on its site. YouTube now acts to take down violent videos within hours, Ghost Security Group said.

One group that feeds information to the US government says it has suppressed tens of thousands of Twitter accounts since January. While The FBI declined to comment.