Hackers attack Congress site

The government faced the ire of hackers over Internet censorship on Thursday with reports coming in of websites of the Congress and the Supreme Court being hacked by a group that calls itself “Anonymous”.

“Namaste #India, your time has come to trash the current government and in-stall a new one. Good luck. #SaveTPB #Anony-mous #Censorship,” tweeted Anonymous Operations. Another Twitter account of the group stated that it didn’t just have followers but angry Indians who would fight against Internet censorship.

“Five government websites under attack. Unblock file sharing sites in India or else we will not stop,” tweeted another account of the group. While Supreme Court sources said that the apex court’s website was hacked for around half an hour on Thursday, the Congress denied that its website was hacked. “Our website was not hacked at all. When the news came, I checked the log and we didn’t find any signs of hacking,” chairman of AICC’s computer department Vishvjit P. Singh told