H1B Shocker : 5 Lakh Indians to deport ?

h1bThe US President Donald Trump administration’s plan to halt H1B visa holders’ extensions is facing flak as about 500,000-750,000 Indians may have to be deported.

US-India business body against H1B visa policy change, the US-India Business Council (USIBC) has voiced its opposition to the move.

US President Donald Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” initiative promised during the 2016 campaign, has proved costly for Indian techies as they are not going to get H1B extensions.

The tensions among sections of Indian diaspora are so high that many are cancelling home visits that they may be denied re-entry. Indians received a staggering 70% of all the H1b visa issued in 2016. The recent News on H-1B led to increased searches on Canadian Immigration in the U.S.

The H-1B visa is available to a maximum of 65,000 foreign workers in “specialized fields” (typically those requiring high skills, such as jobs in the STEM) to work in the U.S. for three years. The applications need to be filed by April 2, and companies looking to bring in international STEM workers, have to do a lot of preparation.