Guntur Talkies Movie Review – Rustic Adult Comedy

guntur-talkiesMovie: Guntur Talkies
Director : Praveen Sattaru
Producer : Raaj Kumar. M
Music Director : Sri Charan
Starring : Siddu, Naresh, Rashmi, Shraddha Das 2.5/5


Giri (Naresh) and Hari (Siddhu Jonnalagadda) work in a medical shop in Guntur and resort to robberies. One day Hari gets 5 Lakhs from a house and he informs the same to Giri. Even Giri gets 5 lakhs from another house but does not inform. But they doesn’t know that both the houses belong to CI Raghu Babu. Hari lands in Goa along with his girlfriend Suvarna (Rashmi Gautam) to enjoy, He lands in trouble when a Rowdy batch catch him , even Giri is also been held by the gang. The gang questions them about one crore and beat them.

On the other side Police too chase them .Trapped between these two, What will be Hari and Giri’s situation? What is the relation between Hari and Revolver Rani (Shraddha Das)? What about that one crore money?… forms the plot.


Siddhu is fine for the role and carries the film ,Both the heroines Rashmi Gautam and Shraddha Das are bold and glamorous in their roles. Rashmi’s onscreen chemistry with Siddhu is bold, she exposed her skin a lot in the film. Naresh shines with his performance as Giri, and even Mahesh Manjrekar is good . Raghu Babu ,Raja Ravindra , Fish Venkat and Ravi Prakash are okay.


Generally for such films, the main feature should be the pace and this film lacks that feature. By the end of first one hour of the film , it gives a feel that the scenes are dragged. However after Interval, the real plot will begin. In the pre Interval, Siddhu and Naresh character have dominated . In the pot Interval Mahesh Manjrekar, Raghu Babu will come out which give some refreshment. Naresh, Siddhu and Mahesh Manjrekar combination cence have been executed well. Comedy of Mahesh and pre-climax comedy is hilarious.

On the other side, The biggest drawback is that , the taking of the film. the movie falls flat in many sequences. Rashmi role is more of glamour than character. Shraddha das role has no scope. Director Praveen Sattaru failed to live up to the expectationS . There are lot of characters in the film which doesn’t have importance . Music and BGM was so-so . Director should have concentrated to make the plot more engaging rather dragging.

Overall `Guntur Talkies` is a passable adult comedy with overdose of glamour, B grade stuff and lacks freshness.


Rustic Adult Comedy