Gunashekar plans Rudhramadevi sequel

rudhramdevi-sequelAccording to latest reports, ‘Rudhramadevi’ director Gunasekhar has recently registered the title ‘Pratapa Rudrudu’ with the film chamber.

Prataparudrudu was Rudhramadevi’s grandson and the last emperor of the Kakatiya dynasty.  Prataparudra,  was adopted by her as son and as heir-apparent on the advice of her father, Ganapatideva.

The title indicates that Gunasekhar is smitten by Kakatiya dynasty and wants to showcase the history in his next installment of his mega project.

Anushka is playing as Rudhramadevi , Rana and Allu Arjun are playing the other lead roles , the movie is set to release on September 4.