Guilty will not be spared : BJP

Somu VeerrajuBJP takes its stand on cash for vote case, it’s MLC Somu Veerraju from AP said BJP is not going to own anyone who are found guilty including BJP chief ministers.

BJP will not try to rescue anyone who are found guilty, he added that guilty in cash for vote scam will not be spared .He said, His party has certain moral principles and it will continue to follow it.

Quoting an example He said, Former Prime Minister has set an example in politics. During Vajpayee government regime, PM faced majority test in parliament, the former PM needs a single vote to prove his majority .But Vajpayee opted for elections rather gong for Horse Trading .

He also dsaid that former party chief Bandaru Laxman faced corruption charges for taking 1 lakh as aprty fund in cash. He clarified that Narendra Modi and the present central government will not encourage corruption .