GST effect : 10 cr burden on Golden Temple Amritsar

golden-templeWorld’s largest free kitchen, Sikh langar at Golden Temple Amritsar has been hit hard by GST – Goods and services tax.

The Golden Temple faces an extra financial burden of Rs 10 crore a year with the implementation of the GST.

The langar at Amritsar’s Golden Temple, after the implementation of GST, will have to bear an expense of extra Rs 10 crore. the kitchen feeds around 50k devotees on regular days and more than 100k on the festivals and weekends.

Due to GST, the tax of 12% will be levied on desi ghee, 18% on sugar and 5% on pulses have increased burden. The kitchen has roti-making machines which are capable of making 25,000 rotis in an hour.