Greyhounds cop ‘shoots’ himself

A Greyhounds commando allegedly shot himself to death with his AK-47 rifle at the quarters of the Greyhounds additional director general early on Wednesday. The deceased Abdul Nayeem, 32, was on guard duty at the quarters of the in-charge police commissioner, Mr Anurag Sharma. The police commissioner said it “is a 99 per cent suicide case.”

However, his relatives alleged it was a murder. Saifabad sub-inspector Ch. Sada Nagaraju said that it is yet to be established if it’s a case of suicide or accident. Nayeem’s engagement was scheduled on Sunday with his maternal uncle’s daughter. His body was seen lying a few feet away from his sentry post. Greyhounds sources said he was a tactical guard and such guards never stayed at their posts but move around to hit back in case of an ambush.