Greatandhra articles giving a knockout punch to itself

Greatandhra popularly know as Gasandhra one of the popular gossips site has turned into one of the best double standard sites ever.

Just check the following links to understand its double standards.

Link : 1 :

It says Ramcharn’s Naayak has turned into a solo super hit facing a tough competition in-terms of Mahesh, venkatesh ‘Seethamma Vakitlo sirimalle chettu’ , It also says, some media trying to snub him , at the same time trying to  degrade with some 4-5 fake articles ..but Racha and Naayak success proved them wrong.


On the other side

Link : 2’Naayak’

This article says , SVSC is giving a knockout punch to Naayak…. stating that SVSC is showing 60% occupancy screening in  high number of theaters better than Naayak  ……. but in the same article they mentioned that “SVSC has been getting better of Naayak ” …clearly indicates that SVSC is not yet better than Naayak till date.

From the both articles one can understand that, The so called web-media Greatandhra  playing double standards with Ramcharan with its articles .  On one hand, they say media fake articles cannot influence Naayak success and On other hand, they  publish their own cooked up articles.  The  authors of the site seems to be in a confused state of mind or might be lacking coordination between them. They are  not at all confident in declaring SVSC as Sankranthi winner despite of publishing pumped up collections .  The genuine first week collections World wide (SHARE)  already gave its verdict .

Meanwhile,  some argue that SVSC is winner because of its theaters count in 2nd week, but the ground reality is that although  SVSC is running in high number of  theaters than Naayak,  is just because of monopoly of Suresh movies distributors who owns 40+ theaters & Dil Raju’s who owns 35+ theaters in Hyderabad alone. Overall Greatandhra gets a punch from its own published articles.