Great Site cooked up gossip on Janatha Garage release

jg1A great site once again cooked up a story stating that Andhra Pradesh government passed G.O’s not to allow benefit shows and there would be no benefit shows for NTR’s starrer Janatha Garage in AP. Later the website again posted that the G.O was an old G.O.

But here is the permission letter for Janatha Garage Krishna district. Permission has being granted for 26 benefit shows . Vijayawada third parties have reportedly bought the benefit shows screening rights of Janatha Garage for a whopping 25 lakh.

Janatha Garage is releasing in maximum number of screens in Hyderabad too. Hyderabad benefit shows rights were sold for a sensational 70 lakh by Sri Venkateswara Films.With so much positive buzz around the film, trade is expecting record openings.