Great orator slips tongue and face Embarrassment

balakrishna-7878575Telugu actor Balakrishna’s sexist remark caught the attention of National media ,which slammed the actor to the core .

National media claims that These remarks have shocked Balakrishna fans . It is embarrassing situation for TDP as YSRCP is cornering the TDP by pulling out, all the previous incidents like Riteshwari incident and other incidents that took place in the state .

Balakrishna Said, His fans would enjoy watching him either kissing or making women pregnant in films instead of going after them in the name of love.

Balakrishna is known great orator for his powerful dialogues in films especially Mythological films , slips tongue for encouraging his fans at the audio launch.

Balakrishna’s over enthusiasm lands him in legal trouble as a case has been filed against him . Although he gave an open apology , it would interesting to see How Police would react on the complaint.