Grading system in Intermediate

interThe Intermediate Education Department is preparing the Grading system replacing the present Mark system like it was done for the class 10th.

The government has made thought to reduce stress on the students whose suicide rate has increased due to stress.

There is a huge competition between corporate colleges due to marks system. Students are being subjected to stress by private colleges to score top marks. They are mentally strained and thus some are committing suicides.

Telangana Education Secretary Ranjan R. Acharya held a meeting with private and corporate colleges management and students’ parents under the guidance of Education Department.

In private colleges, there is always ranks and marks goals set to student, No games and other activities. The students are being subjected to severe harassment. Thus the govt is working on the grading system instead of mark system.

The grading system in the tenth class provided good results. This approach led to the reduction of competitiveness between schools . It has also decided to implement it in Intermediate also. Similarly, private and corporate colleges will be required to appoint a psychologist to study the students behaviour.

Private college hostels will also be covered by the Inter-Board and will be checked regularly. According to the inter-board educational calendar, Study hours are from 9.30 am to 4:30 pm. Promoting rankings and massive promotion through advertising in the media is banned.