Govt to initiate action on Nagarjuna’s N convention

n-conventionNagarjuna’s N convention issue gets highlighted in the Telangana assembly on the first day of the winter session.

TDP MLA Revanth Reddy raised the issue and demanded an explanation from the government over Nagarjuna’s N convention illegal construction.

In the discussion about Mission Kakatiya, he raised Nagarjuna N convention over illegal occupancy of Ponds and Lakhs.

He alleged, Nagarjuna occupied Gurukul lands opposite of Hightech City and running a function hall named “N-Convention” by occupying acres of land in a pond. Why is the government not taking any action against it? What forces are stopping them ? and by what time period the govt will resort to action?.

Reacting on this Minister Harish Rao said, Nagarjuna’s N Convention comes under the purview of GHMC and soon his govt will direct GHMC to initiate to take action at N Convention.