Govt Attacks on Gabbar Singh theatres

Officials have started raiding some of the theatres in AP state exhibiting ‘Gabbar Singh’ movie. Check out the story below.

 To make some quick bucks and cash on the craze of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, some theatres are completely selling tickets in ‘black’ market. Generally, fans got habituated to buy tickets at increased prices during the first of week movie release. But this time, a 10 rupees ticket is being sold at 150 rupees and you can assume how other prices are. Upon receiving a complaint from public in Suryapet, revenue officials have raided GS showing theatre.
theatre management is selling 10 rupees tickets at 100 rupees and 50 rs at 500 rs. We’lltake action on this black-ticket dandha’, confirms an official. With Gabbar Singh doing well than expected, distributors are inventing illegal ways to mint more money, says a trade expert.