Gopichand ‘s Gautam Nanda inspired from ?

rp_Gautam-Nanda-300x168.jpegThe much-hyped film in recent times Gautam Nanda starring Gopichand as the lead is gearing up for release on July 14.

Speaking about the film Director Sampath Nandi said, The film script has been prepared after reading Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi’s book Who am I?

He says, The hero of the film plays a billion’s son in the film and after a detailed research of top billionaires son in the country, Gopichand’s character in the film was designed. His lifestyle, body language, behavior, and attitudes reflect the billionaire sons of the present generation.

There is an episode in the film which was inspired from the Surat’s diamond merchant, who sent his son to Kerala to lead a common man life without taking his name to make him learn as how to live as underprivileged manner.