Google to launch online storage service

Search engine Giant Google is likely to launch new online storage service for its customers.  The sources said that the company is thinking of introducing the same and an appropriate announcement would be made at anytime. The cloud storage will be available in free and premium (paid versions).

The free version would enable any Internet user to create an account on Google drive and can save photos, documents and anything up to five Gigabytes while the premium version is likely to allow the users to store up to 100 Gigabytes.

This is said to be accessible from any Internet enable device. It would be something like an email. While email allows one to store only small files and compressed pictures, the new service would be exclusively for storage purpose and will not only save files with huge size but will relatively be very swift.

If Google really rolls out something like this, then hard disks would soon become yesteryear tools of computers. Further, this will also help individuals from saving pockets by purchasing any net book.

There are, however, so many apprehensions in the air that include the privacy concerns. Technology experts are of the opinion that hacking has become so rampant and advanced these days that storing important files on online drive would always be a risky affair.