Goodachari Movie Review – Telugu James Bond

Goodachari116-reviewMovie: Goodachari 
Actors: Adivi Sesh, Shobhita Dulipali, Prakashraj, Vennela Kishore, Madhu Shalini, Ravi Prakash, Supriya and others
Music: Shri Charan Pakkal
Cinematography: Shaniel Dio
Story, writing: Abburi Ravi, Adivi Sesh
Producer: Abhishek Pictures
Directed by: Shashi Kiran Tikka
Banner: Abhishek Pictures Rating 3.5/5

Gopi (Adivi Sesh) wants to become a secret agent like a dad since his childhood. However, when the father dies, he grows up at his uncle Satya (Prakashraj) place. Satya is also a secret agent who is worried about Gopi’s father’s death and changes Gopi name as Arjun.

However, Arjun still has the desire to become a secret agent, he applies for Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) job for 170 times. Finally, the Thrinethra Agency trains Arjun in all respects and appoint him as’Goodachari 116′. However, after that, Arjun is branded as a terrorist in the eyes of the nation. The Thrinetra Agency also runs after Arjun. How has Arjun been stamped as a terrorist ? What are his adventures for? How Arjun finally eliminates the stamp?. Forms the plot.


Adivi Sesh is very well suited to these stories. His acting is impressive in the role of a person with honesty, patriotism and love of his father play. In this film, he was also a storyteller and screenwriter. Jagapathi Babu’s name was not used for publicity. But, it is effectively used in the story. The role gives a twist before the climax. As always, Prakashraj is in his role was impressive. Supriya character is a surprise element. The heroine Shobitha is Telugu girl. However, the role ends by Interval. The role of Vennela Kishore is also a surprise.


Director Shashi Kiran told the story that he wanted to say in budget constraints in a very decent way. Music is life for such kind of stories. Srikrishna Pallala provided a beautiful background music. There is a single melodious song. Camera work is fine. Action scenes were very natural. Production values are good. However, this kind of stories needs more budget.
Hollywood movies impact is on “Goodachari “. The secret agent, James Bond films has inspired this filmmaker to write the ‘spy’ story. The James Bond genre kind of screenplay, thriller scenes and unexpected turns are seen in this movie. Arjun’s quest to become a secret agent. His attempts to do so are all the things that are very interesting. The viewer can quickly connect to the story. Though Arjun love track is interrupting the flow of the story, it is also like a secret mission. The sequences before the interval will change the tempo of the story almost instantly. Even though becoming a Secret Agent looks easy task, the interval bang erases all the errors.

Second half starts slowly. Jagapathi Babu’s character entering this story will take another turn. The scenes in the background of Bangladesh are not thrilling. The screenplay seems somewhat slow. In the pre-climax director gets back on track. Nobody can imagine a twist there. At the end patriotism and the sentiment, Climax was written to give a Telugu touch for James Bond style story. For Telugu audience, this film looks like a new genre film.

+ Screenplay
+ Turns in the story

– budget constraints
– Shadow of Hollywood films

Finally: ‘Goodachari ‘ -> Telugu James Bond