Gold earring found in Tirupati laddu

Devotees who eagerly consume the famous Tirupati laddu in the past have come across foreign objects in the prasadam in the form of nails, hair etc. But for the first time,Soore Reddappa found a gold ear piercing in his laddu when he wanted to have the divine offering in his home on Saturday.
A 32-year-old goldsmith, Reddappa, had his darshan of the Lord on Friday and returned to his native Beerangi Kotta Kota in Chittoor district on Saturday after buying 16 laddus.
The gold piercing that he found in one of the laddus weighed 400 milligrams and is valued at approximately Rs 1,500. However, more than the value, being a goldsmith, an elated Reddappa was of the view that it was a divine message from the Lord urging him to continue with the good work.

“We consider this to be lucky as we performed puja on an auspicious day like Friday. We are a family of professional goldsmiths, so we immediately knew that it was original gold,” Reddappa told

In the past, devotees have stumbled upon unwanted items such as gutka packets, bamboo and small iron bolts or nails in the laddus. But something like this never has happened.

Saying that this was perhaps the first time that gold was found in a laddu, TTD sources said that workers in the Potu usually wear gold earrings. In this case, one worn by the worker must have fallen and got mixed in the laddu.