Give me 17 MPs to bring Telangana

TRS massive public meeting at suryapet in Nalagonda District looked as if 2014 elections campaign , TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao addressing a massive public meeting  said “give me 17 MPs and we can bring Telangana’, indicates that Telangana issue will be prolonged at least till 2014 . TRS once again started its drama to fool the public of this region.

KCR said, if TRS wins 17 MP seats TRS could put pressure on the Union government and stall Parliament proceedings with 17 MPs on hand, and Telangana state could be realised. if his party wins 100 assembly seats in the region. He said his party and Telangana Political Joint Action Committee (TJAC) had decided a twopronged strategy to achieve Telangana: intensifying the agitation led by the T-JAC, and winning elections led by TRS.