Ghost fear in heart of Hyderabad

People of the Sitaphalmandi area in the heart of the city have been spending sleepless nights, fearing that ghosts were on the prowl, killing innocent people.

A series of deaths of children has caused the residents of some of the areas of Sitaphalmandi suspect that it was the work of evil forces.

Residents said that one healthy person who was talking with his friends has suddenly rushed into his house and hanged himself, for no reason. Residents are stating that several such inexplicable deaths were occurring in the area. Residents wrote the name of Lord ‘Ram’ prominently on the outer walls of their houses in red paint, to dispel evil forces. Youth are patrolling the streets with sticks, through the nights so that elders could sleep peacefully (though none could explain how they proposed to attack a ghost with a stick)
Visits of representatives of Jana Vignana Vedika (which campaigns for rational and scientific thinking) to the area, have not helped instill any confidence among the residents. Fearing the ghosts, several people have locked their houses and went off to relatives’ places. Some are spending the days at their houses and sleeping in temples during nights.

However, neither the government nor other political parties have done anything to restore confidence among the people as they were all busy with their election strategies.