GHMC mayor trolled for posting photoshop pic

bonthu-mayorGHMC mayor Bonthu Ram Mohan is trolled on facebook for posting a photograph to present the city Hyderabad clean.

In the first photograph, a heap of garbage was shown and in another photograph, the garbage was shown to be removed with the help of Photoshop. In the second photograph, the area was clean with some grass and dustbins. However, the photoshop techies forgot to remove the persons going along the street who were in the first photo.
Netizen trolled the mayor with their comments, like ” While comparing both pictures top and bottom…. after adopting technology will keep our city cleaned … it’s essential now to implement in our city..”. said Upender Sangem

Samuel PS said, Sir…. This is photo editing before and after.Please don’t cheat us.We trusted in your Government now you’re backstabbing us by showing editing photos.

GHMC clarified that it was only an imaginary picture.