GHMC imposes ban on light hoardings

GHMC imposes ban on light hoardings

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has imposed a ban on ‘light hoardings’ asking advertising agencies not to illuminate their hoardings until further instructions. GHMC Commissioner MT Krishna Babu took this decision as a measure to minimize the power consumption in view of present power crisis prevailing in State. “Violation of above instruction would be viewed seriously and action would be initiated. There are around 3,300 hoardings in GHMC and of them, 40 percent are light boards and Kiosks.

There would be a good result in Power Saving if GHMC could control these illuminations. Except four to five stretches, all the lollipops have been removed following the directions of the court.

Maintenance staff of GHMC electrical wing should switch on street Lights after 7 PM and switch off same before 5 AM saving a power consumption for 2-3 hours a day.

GHMC is presently utilizing 20 million units of electricity per month for maintenance of streetlights, water supply to peripheral areas and for other purposes. In view of power crisis, the GHMC is planning to conserve 20–25 percent which would be about 5 million units per month.

Officers of other GHMC departments are also requested to conserve the power in their offices.
GHMC is planning to replace all the electrical equipment with LED and CFL lamps and it has been decided to use LED lighting for streetlights in all the important roads.
This would be more useful if that power could be utilized in sectors like domestic and Agriculture,” he said. This is an inspirational approach by GHMC which other wings of Government should follow.