Ghaziabad cop asks hug for passport verification

passportIn a shocking incident, Ghaziabad cop asks a woman for a ‘hug’ in exchange for passport verification.

A journalist at Hindustan Times Sweta Goswami faces a strange situation. Sweta tweets her experience saying “The policeman had the audacity to ask for a “hug” after saying “I have done your verification. Now what will you give me?”. The name of the policeman is Devendra Singh.”

She added “The experience was so scary that I had to ask my helper to stay back until the man left the house. Clearly, the policeman was intentionally trying to delay the procedure in order to buy more time and look for a chance @rajnathsingh @SushmaSwaraj @ghaziabadpolice. Safety of an applicant,especially that of a woman,during police verification for passport renewal is a big lacuna. The policeman who came for my verification just a few minutes ago in Ghaziabad made me feel pathetically uncomfortable. “