Gentleman Movie Review – Decent Thriller

gentlemanMovie: Gentleman
Director : Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Producer : Sivalanka Krishna Prasad
Music Director : Mani Sharma
Starring : Nani, Surabhi, Niveda Thomas Rating 3/5


Jayaram mullapudi (Nani) is a young entrepreneur and CEO of Jai gouri company ,who also wins Award. He is not only good businessman but also god human being.Aishwarya industries owner wants Jai to be his son in law and Jai also accepts to marry Aishwarya(Surabhi) . Aishwarya leaves to London to meet her friend and meets Catherine(Nivedha Thomas) in plane journey during her return to India. Both share about their boyfriends.

Jai comes to receive his piyanci Aishwarya while Catherine gets shock to find Jai look-alike her Boyfriend (Gautham) when she lands in airport. She also comes to know that her gautham is dead in a car accident . But later a reporter informs her that her boyfriend was murdered. She tries to trace out the mystery behind Gautham’s murder. Will she finds the truth?, What is the relation between Gautam and Jai ?, Is Nani a hero or Villain? …forms story.


Nani was reserved as Jairam and energetic as Gautham, he impressed with his performance in both the roles . He proved himself as Natural star by donning the negative shade role . Actress Nivedha Thomas performed well in the roles as a lover who lost her boyfirend. Surabhi’s role was comparatively small but she was good . Avasarala Srinivas impressed with a new type of role . Rohini, Tanikella Bharani, Anand, Vennela Kishore, Satyam Rajesh are good in their roles.

Indraganti mohana krishna tried a commercial thriller after experimental films like Ashta Chamma and Golconda School. Director dealt the film with his class formula strength in the first half and second half is dealt with thriller element. Especially the ay Nani’s character has been moulded was excellent. The screenplay hold the suspense in the film tight till the last scene of the film. Manaisharm’s BGM was a asset for the film. The director should had taken care about the songs of the film . PG Vinda’s cinematography ,Marthand K. Venkatesh editing raise the graph of the film.

The 1st half is short and sweet interval bang awesome , 2nd half is edge of the seat entertainer, Interval ended with a small mystery, Unfortunately the twist in the second half was highly predictable which spoiled the show. Overall , Gentleman is a decent thriller for class audience.

Plus points:
Nani Performance
Screen play
Background Music

Minus Points:
First half of the slow narration
The songs

Fairly engaging mystery aided by Nani’s fantastic performance