Genelia’s court legal notice is just a rumour !

Actress Genelia Deshmukh is presently in the news for all the wrong reasons. The actress has been asked by the Andhra Pradesh High Court to appear before it personally or through her lawyer on the 25th of this month. However, up until the time of going to press yesterday, Genelia’s people claimed  they hadn’t received the legal notice.

This case has been going on for quite a while now and the latest development is that Genelia has to make an appearance before the court to explain her involvement in a realty firm.

It all apparently started after a retired employee Chatta Thirupathaiah filed a petition against Anjaniputra Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. and has alleged that five directors of the company and Genelia had cheated him by defaulting on giving him possession of a duplex house he had purchased from them.

Apparently, Thirupathaiah also complained that  in the FIR registered, only the five directors were included and did not mention Genelia. He alleged that Genelia had also cheated him as she was the brand ambassador and during promotional activities had  said that she was one of the directors and had  herself bought real estate from Anjaniputra.

The actor is in London right now, but her spokesperson confirmed the development. She, however, denied receiving any such notices yet, and branded the whole incident as an effort to malign Genelia.

“These rumours have been going around for quite a while now but there is no truth in them. Genelia hasn’t received any such legal notices. They just want to drag her name into this,” said the spokesperson.