Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie Review – Philosophical Touch

gpsk-posterMovie: Gautamiputra Satakarni
Director: Krish
Producers: Saibabu Jagarlamudi, Y. Rajeev Reddy
Music Director: Chirantan Bhatt
Starring: Balakrishna, Shriya Saran, Hema Malini Rating 3.5/5


Emperor Satakarni (Balakrishna)’s dream to see a united Bharat for this he starts capturing south kingdoms Kuntala and Kalyana Durgam. In an intense battle, he also captures Nahapana(Kabir Bedi)’s kingdom in Saurashtra and brings the entire south India under one state (Kingdom).

Greek emperor Demetrius invades India from Sindhu region to fulfill the unaccomplished task of Greek emperor Alexander who wanted to rule the entire India. Satakarni becomes the biggest hurdle for him, he also resorts to poisoning Satakarni to eliminate him. How Satakarni wins over Demetrius? How he fulfills his live dream of uniting the entire country? …..Forms the story.


Balakrishna has shown his “Vishwaroopam” in terms of performance, his emotions and his energy. The fitness of Balayya during war sequences have build charm for the film. There is no need to tell about his dialogue delivery. Hema Malini is perfect cast in Satakarni mother’s role. Shriya has shown her peaks in acting as Vasishtha Devi, especially during emotional scenes. Rest of the cast were good in their roles. Kannada actor Sivaraj Kumar blinks in a special song.


Technically the film has scored good marks and appreciation too when the budget & the time taken to complete the film is taken into account. Although the film has huge war sequences, but the director the molded the scenes as if the audience are the spectators for the ongoing war. At some time it gives a feels that we are also part of Satakarni’s army. Chirantan Batt song, BGM has come out well for the film. No words to describe Sai Madhav’s penning. He leaves his mark in every scene of the film with his dialogues. They are more power than war bullets. Ghainashekar’s cinematography, Seetharama Sastry’s literature ad the production values of the film cannot be pointed out. It’s really a surprise to know that the film is being made in just 79 days.


In simple terms, Gautamiputra Satakarni is a film about our History for which Krish and his team together gave the visual form. When Balakrishna has opted the film as his 100th film, many have criticized him, like Can Balakrishna do justice as a warrior? Will the film entertain the mass with its elements?. But Krish has proved that our History is more entertaining than Mass elements with this film. There was no much information about Sakakini in History books but Krish has cooked the entire story with his vision and imagination. The film begins with the invasion of Satakarni into Kalyana Durgam kingdom with Kalinga battle which was done brilliantly. Defeating Kalyandurgam, Satakarni unites 33 kingdoms and brings the under one rule and also starts a new era by distributing lands to poor farmers. He gives a good governance with his mother’s backing. But finally, greek emperor Demetrius defeats Satakarni.

The film looks like a History chapter but Krish made it into an interesting visual reality with the screenplay. The scenes of the films like Family emotions, the strategies implemented during the war especially while entering into a fort, Saving the children who were Hostages of Kalyana Durgam king and Challenging the opponents, have impressed.

The other scenes like Satakarni giving importance to his mother and making her sit on the throne and also the emotional scenes between Satakarni and his wife have come out well. Gautamiputra Satakarni is the story about Telugu race, Telugu history, Balakrishna.Telugu and Balakrishna.

The film also explores the violent side of Satakarni with his wife Vishita Devi and the chemistry between them has worked out. One one side Satakarni’s mother Gautami Balasri wants her soon to be a violent ruler and his wife wants him to be loving father.

Director Krish is known for his Philosophical movies and has carried lots of Philosophy throughout the film. He has been saying that it’s a dream project and we have seen the hard work put into the film. The VFX work can be identified on the screen. Balakrishna shined as ruthless emperor and later transforms into a Humanitarian, the way Krish portrayed him on the screen is very impressive.

Overall, Satakarni is an output of Extraordinary filmmaking from Krish and a terrific performance by Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna with top notch Camera work including and dialogues by sai Madhav. It impresses with Philosophical touch but poor VFX and Battles scenes and silly costumes are the odd sides of the film.
+ Story, story
+ Balakrishna, Shriya, Hema Malini’s performance
+ Directed by Krish
+ Sai Madhav dialogues.


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