Gautam Nanda Movie Review – Stylish

Movie : Gautam Nandagautam-nanda
Cast: Gopichand, Hansika, Catherine Tresa, Sachin Khedekar, Mukesh Rishi
Music: Thaman
Directed by: Sampath Nandi
Producer: J. Bhagavan, J. Pulla Rao Rating : 3/5


Gattamaneni Gautam (Gopichand), son of millionaire Vishnu Prasad Gattamaneni (Sachin Khedekar), who has been ranked in Forbes list. Gautam grows up without knowing about Hunger, difficulty, pain, tears, and love.He does not know any emotions except money and leads an ultra modern life, enjoying every second of life. One incident brings change in him, He develops a desire to know about his himself as What would be his the identity if he was not born to Vishnu Prasad?.

Leaving his enjoyments, fortune, and money, he begins a journey to know about himself, without knowing his destiny. He encounters another person Nanda Kishore (Gopi Chand again) who tries to commit suicide, having born in a poor family with a desire to lead a rich life.

Since Both are alike, they swap each other identities, Gautam Nanda goes to Basti where Nanda Kishore lives and Vice versa. Gautam Nanda leads a common man life, he also joins a small job to meet the family’s difficulties. In the meantime Nanda’s family falls in risk , Gautam suspects Vishnu Prasad’s friend Mudra (Mukesh Rishi) who eyes on the property. How Gautam saves Nanda family ?, Will Gautam and Nanda come back to their original families? ..Forms the plot.

Gopichand continues to follow-up his action hero image, In Addition, he goes for a makeover with a special look, body language, and variations. Gopichand has impressed with the action and emotional scenes and showed good variation between the two characters.

Although heroine Catherine’s performance was not up to the mark , her glamor show was awesome. Hansika’s role was short and had no scope to perform much. Sachin Khedekar, Chandramohan, Seetha have done justice to roles.

The major plus point for the movie is Sundar Rajan cinematography. Dual role scenes appear to be very natural and all the scenes are presented Lavishly. Even the Borabanda slum was presented very naturally. Thaman’s music was okay and BGM was superb. Production values are very rich.


Director Sampath Nandi took a break for over two years before making one more commercial entertainer Gautam Nanda. He has succeeded in presenting a mass hero Gopichand in the stylish avatar. Even the` film was presented very stylishly. He took a regular dual actor plot and presented very freshly with his taking. The film first half goes in a class manner but Sampath has shown his mark in the second half. Apart from emotional scenes, Hero elevations and action scenes are highlights of the film. Sampath Nandi has added all the elements required for a commercial entertainer.

Although the film came with an old concept, he has given a message like Money is important but not only Money . There are many more things which are important in life. Gautam Nanda tells us how to drive a good point with commercial elements.

+ Gopichand Stylish Look
+ Background music
+ Production values
+ Dialogs
– The absence of logic


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