Garudavega Trailer Talk – Better than Spyder

garuda-vegaThe makers of Angry Young man Rajasekhar as a hero in the action entertainer ‘PSV Garuda Vega 125.18’ directed by Praveen Sattar, has released the theatrical trailer.

The trailer was launched by Balakrishna’s hands in the RK cineplex in Hyderabad. One should agree the fact that Garuda Vega Production Team is far better than Mahesh babu’s Spyder Movie Production Team. With the Help of New Cinematographers and 25 crores budget, they made this movie like Hollywood range visuals & VFX

In addition to high technical values, the photography is very rich. Russian stuntman David Khumbu, Thailand Stuntman Nuung, Indian Stunt Master Satish, has given their best especially in action scenes and chase sequences in places like Georgia, Bangkok, Malaysia, Tatya, Singapore and Mumbai. The film should go well with action lovers.

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