Gangster Nayeem killed in Encounter

encounterEncounter took place in Millennium Township area, Shadnagar of Telangana on Monday morning. Two suspects gunned down , one of them was identified as Nayeem, the Most Wanted’ gangster in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.

Nayeem or Mohammed Nayeemuddin was named in the murder of a senior police officer in 1993. Greyhound commandos were also involved in the operation. Nayeem tricked (saying he need to attend nature’s call) the police team and escaped after a court appearance.

Speaking on Telangana Encounter , SP Rama Rajeshwari said, Based on an input, local police was contacted. Greyhound Team came here to check if info is right. The moment they saw police team, driver who was driving the Endeavour stopped the car, started opening fire and ran away.

The person who was sitting in the car also started opening fire on police team and the police team opened fire in self defence. They came to know that the person fell down,it was confirmed that he had died. Person who died suspected to be involved in case,is gangster Nayeem involved in lot of cases in past. A AK 47 & a pistol was found in the spot.

She further said, Search operations are going on. They will register a case on the exchange of fire, and depending on whatever evidence comes forth.