Galla Jayadev lambasts at BJP in Parliament

galla jayadeavTDP MP Galla Jayadev came down heavily on the Centre for what he called a betrayal on the issue of Special Category Status (SCS) to Andhra Pradesh. In a hard-hitting statement on the issue in Lok Sabha, he found fault with the BJP leadership ‘for passing the buck on to Congress saying the SCS does not find mention in the Reorganization Act’.

Galla Jayadev lambasted BJP for denying Special Status to AP, He said, the state and future of the state has taken  beating  with the parliament’s decision of bifurcating the state, improperly. He requested to bail out the state as the financial condition is going from bad to worst.

He read former PM statement ,BJP election manifesto and also read PM election campaign statements about special status assurances. He questioned, which finance commission has recommended special status to North east states during Vajpayee governmnet?.

He said, The share of AP in central taxes is 15839 cr, but given only 15299 cr in 2014-15 ,  In the year 2015-16, the share of AP is 22638 cr but received 21839 cr . In the year 2016-17, expected share is 24637 cr, till now Ap has received 1760 cr .

The grants given by center are – cst- 35000 cr for 14-15 & 16-17, centrally assisted state plans grant 23k cr , Deficit finance grant from center gave 2800 cr for 16079 cr deficit for  (jun14-march 15) and  500 cr for 16-17.  The center is making misleading statements of granting Thousands of crores to AP .

He said, The National project Polavaram project was given 735 cr  only by center , in this phase it takes 57 years , while  AP has allocated 3500 cr and 2000 cr spent but not reimbursed.

He said, AP is not a non performing state , it is for the very parliament to ratify . AP will be growth engine ,if investment made immediately. It time for action . He demanded answers to specific questions like special status , special railway zone as what AP will get ?, when it will get?

He said, People of AP are getting betrayed by the last statements of Union ministers, is there no sanctity for PM’s statement in parliament .He said, People of AP may be helpless but not powerless, People of AP will see the center as villain, if not live up to their expectations.