Gali’s gold sold to get out of hold

Gali Janardhan Reddy will probably be better known with his offering of a diamond-studded crown worth Rs 45 crore, he became the biggest donor to Lord Venkateswara at Tirupati since the Vijayanagara kings 400 years ago.

The same man had to sell his gold for his bail deal , Gali who was in custody for more than a year gave a green single to his close aide Karnataka Kampli constituency MLA Suresh Babu to sell his gold and arrange money for his bail deal with an intention to come out of CBI hold at any cost.

Suresh Babu reached Hyderabad along with his friend Ramesh approached Manukomma Gold proprietors Deepak Aggarwal and sold 11 kgs worth gold @ Rs.29.17 Lakhs per KG. and gathered around Rs.3.15 crore later met Rowdy Sheeter who is one of main accused in bail scam case and the money was handovered to judge Pattabhi.