Gali’s 15,000 and cellphone for Lord Venkateshwara

Gali Janardhan Reddy’s brother Somasekhar Reddy is in a difficult situation today. Having himself landed in jail after trying to get big brother Janardhan Reddy out by bribing judges for the grant of bail, Somasekhar has now managed to get himself in more trouble.

On Thursday, jail authorities confiscated Rs 15,000 in cash and a cell phone from Somasekhar Reddy. Interestingly, when asked who this money was for, Somasekhar Reddy replied that he held on to the cash because it was an offering for Lord Venkateshwara! It is indeed strange that after having donated a crown worth crores of rupees to Tirumala Venkateshwara, Somasekhar is now left in a situation where he has to hide his 15,000 using the Lord’s name.