Gali uses a trick for 500 cr big fat wedding

gali-500-cr-weddingThe Karnataka mining baron, Gali Janardhan Reddy is all set to host thousands of families, friends, and a large circle of politicians one of the most extravagant wedding that Bengaluru has witnessed.

An extensive replica of the glorious Vijayanagara Empire is being built for the November 16 wedding in 38 acres. But how Gali able to get permission to access this ground?.

As per the order issued by the government in 2012 (Order No. DPAR 184 PSR 2012, dt.21-12-2012), the Grounds can be given for rent only for short term functions and the function cannot exceed more than three days with following rules.

The Palace Grounds can be rented only for short-term programs like marriage, exhibition, political convention, religious functions and programs sponsored by state/central governments.
The tenant has to remove all the tentative arrangements like pendal, chairs, outlets etc
The Palace Grounds cannot be rented out for commercial activities.
Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the grounds.
More than one function is not allowed to be conducted in a day.

But Gali has managed to get the ground for three days and allotted an additional two days in the name of Sriramulu Reddy, the Ballari MP and Janardhana Reddy’s close friend.

Meanwhile ,Gali daughter Brahmani arrived from a posh hotel in her dad’s Rolls Royce, the family members cheered and clapped. Brahmani took out a grand royal procession with chariots and soldiers making up the entourage. From Brazilian Samba dance to Karnataka Yakshana Gana and Kerala’s Chenda Melum, were all part of the regal procession.