Gabber Singh Pre-release Talk

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film Gabber Singh  is getting ready to releasesoon. Till now, Gabber Singh  has carried a very good talk but as the release date is approaching the talk has been deviated from good to just average.

The first half is going to entertain both Pawan fans and general audience as the comedy is really good and Pawan’s mannerisms and characterization is going to impress the audiences for sure. But the second half disappoints with some part of the second half being filled with unimpressive over-emotional scenes. As expected, heroine is a big minus. Performance-wise Shruti Haasan has done very well, but somehow, she is not up to the mark glamour-wise when compared to the original version Dabangg’s heroine Sonakshi Sinha. The climax has been shot well and it could become a saving point.

As the movie is a pakka mass oriented movie, and as the current trend is in favor of mass oriented films, although it is an Average film content-wise, Gabber Singh  might get an Above Average or even better result with the support of Pawan fans as they are starved for a hit for many years. And if the makers release the movie in record number of theaters and if the movie does not face any competition from other movies, there are many chances that the movie can get maximum collections in its first two weeks.

P.S. Above views were expressed by a few inside sources.