Gabbarsingh Death Anniversary !!

Today is the Death Anniversary of Amjad Khan AKA GabbarSingh (12 November 1940 27 July 1992) was an acclaimed Indian actor and director.

He worked in over 130 films in a career spanning nearly twenty years. He enjoyed popularity for his villainous roles in Hindi films, the most famous being the unforgettable Gabbar Singh in the 1975 classic Sholay. Gabbar Singh is considered by many to be the first depiction of pure evil on the screen in Indian Cinema: a totally evil character who doesn’t make excuses for his evil. His mannerisms and dialogues have become an integral part of Bollywood lexicon and spawned numerous parodies and spoofs. Sholay went on to become a blockbuster.

Gabbar Singh  became very popular in Andhra Pradesh with Pawan kalyan opting the title for his film and the film became a Blockbuster truly a tribute to Amjad Khan AKA the real GabbarSingh.