Gabbarsingh 80 days , CgR 80 days

Power star Pawan Kalyan Gabbar singh completes its 80th day of run ,still with a impressive crowd occupancy at weekends. At hyderabad in Sandhya theatre it has recorded 80%+ occupancy at weekends. Reports from other centers across the state are encouraging as the mania of Eega has slowed.  To a surprise Pawan kalyan has to wait for another 80 days for their hero’s next release “Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu” with is schedule to release on October 18th 2012. Nizam distributor Dil Raju is very happy for earning huge profits with more than 11 cores of distributor profit.

While , the Gabbar singh director Harish Shankar is in Britain on Gabbar Singh success tour, Interacting with NRI’s and watching the movie along with them sharing his effort and happiness with them.