Gabbar singh range Johnny or Magadheera ?

Expectations on Pawan Kalyan Gabbar singh are growing higher and higher as its nearing to release, Industry sources asy either it may touch ‘Magadheera’ Range or fall to ‘Johnny’ Range. But one thing is sure if the movie satisfies  atleast 50% of  Mega fans, Rest of the pople will follow the trend.

Director Harish Shankar said Pawan never follow trend but he sets trend.

After Khushi  Pawan doesn’t know what fans are expecting from him ,at the same time fans doesn’t know what to expect from him, already 10 years have completed with these thoughts, Now Pawan doing Gabbar singh as he liked the Characterization so, it  would be liked by 90% of mega fans too.

Gabbar Singh is all set to go censor tomorrow on may 5th , and hope censor report is out with positive verdict which will be the deciding factor for any movie as per new trend is concerned.