Gabbar Singh lost hopes in Karnataka

Karnataka which has become a super minting zone for any Telugu release these days as Karnataka film chamber has lifted ban for Telugu films . It all started  with Ram charan’s Racha  which was released in 100 theatres in Karnataka alone , Next was NTR Dammu which made record collections releasing in 142 theatres in Karnataka.

When it comes to Gabbar Singh luck didn’t favour , It has to settle in just 70+ odd theatres  all over Karnataka  this week because of some big competition awaits in form of Upendra.

Upendra is one the leading star in Sandalwood is all set to release his new movie  Katari Veera Sura Sundaraangi (KVSS) (the 1st Kannada 3D flick ) tomorrow. KVSS  is releasing in around 110 screens ( incl. 50+ 3D screens ). KVSS  is a mixture of fiction, social, science and a fun film based on mythology. It is a social fantasy film with a totally imaginative story.

If KVSS get a hit talk then it would effect Gabbar singh , And with just  70 theatres half that of Dammu, Its really hard to dream Gabbar Singh making records at Karnataka.