Gabbar Singh loss 10 crores !!

Pawan Kalyan starrer Gabbar Singh is continuing on it’s good run even after 10th day of it’s release. It’s still going full packed houses pretty much everywhere and the movie already set a 1st week record in collections. Being said that, we should talk about things that went wrong post release. It’s purely the cheap and bad planning of the producer Ganesh, movie is already seeing so much loss in revenue.Looks like the producer didn’t learn the lesson from his past movie TM, which lost major chunk of revenue due to piracy. His inability in understanding the technology, he failed again with his latest venture too.Instead of choosing the anti-piracy control teams who worked successfully for earlier movies, he did chose the team who charged few bucks lesser than the proved one.

Going by the reports, in markets like USA this movie should have collected another $1 million plus in 2nd weekend too for it’s tremendous positive feed back. It’s common there are so many small centers in USA where dense telugu population don’t get a chance to see in 1st weekend and distributors usually screen good movies there in coming weekends. Altogether the collections would have been almost equal to 1st weekend, but reports are showing at least $400k to $500k loss will be there as good print is already available on net.

This is an issues in other countries and even in India too.Movie may endup loosing atleast Rs 8  to 10 crores in its full run due to piracy.

This is a good lesson to learn, producing a movie and releasing on time is just not enough, if they don’t have post release plans in place properly