Gabbar Singh lacks Telugu Nativity ?

Pawan Kalyan Gabbar Singh which is remake of Salman Khan’s super hit ‘Dabangg’ seems to lack Telugu Nativity as the getup resembles Pawan Kalyan ‘s old project named ” Tiger Sitaramudu’ for which a photo shoot was done with Pawan Kalyan 5 years back, Backdrop, customes resemble same as Gabbar Singh, the only difference is Pawan’s role was of a Naxalite but in Gabbar singh he is a Police officer. The movie was washed out for  nativity reasons.

Gabbar Singh which goes in Hindi nativity should try to explain the reason for the nativity and try to make audience connect to the film.

As Gabbar singh is Mass Zener  it may ressult 3 possibilities

1. What ever the content , with hype it may get Racha’s result.

2. If audience takes the movie with broad mind for the first 10 minitues it may get Dookudu’s result.

3. If Luck favours it will get Magadheera result.