Gabbar Singh is bigger than Dabangg: RGV

Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Harish Shannkar combo Gabbar Singh has earned super hit status from Day1 and the film is running to packed houses. Even the national meadia is boasting about Gabbar Singh and Pawan Kalyan . Shruti Haasan bagged first hit with this Harish Shankar directed movie on Parameswara Arts banner.Harish Shankar has cashed on Pawan Kalyan’s stardom by etching his character so well that will appeal to all the commercial movie lovers. Ram Gopal Varma has showered all the praises on the GabbarSingh and its director and congratulated the director.

 RGV tweeted, “I am electrifyingly thrilled that the shock director harish Shankar shocked the audience with Gabbar singh. Gabbar Singh is a blockbuster telugu remake of Dabaang directed by harish whch evry1 is syng is far mre superior 2 evn original Dabaang.”
Harish Shankar deserves all the praises for his hard work and dedication