Gabbar Singh Controversy turns into Publicity

Telugu Desam party held a press meet today with a single agenda to exibit  Bandla Ganesh   as Bosta Satyanarayana’s Benami  but the fact that controversy has turned into super publicity for  Gabbar singh with out any investment.

Earlier Today TDP slashed at saying , Comedian turned producer Bandla Ganesh produced films like AnjaneyuluTeen Maarand the latest project Gabbar Singh. At present he is facing allegations from the TDP stating that he is a Binami of Botsa Satyanarayana. Doubts are being raised about the earnings, which are being invested in movies by Bandla Ganesh.


Both Bandla Ganesh and PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana reacted to these allegations. Talking to media, Bandla Ganesh said that he earned money through real estate business honestly and that money itself he is investing in movies. He alsostated that personally he adores Botsa Satyanarayana and is Botsa’s follower.


Botsa too stated that Bandla Ganesh is not an anti social element and he is their family friend. He mentioned that there are no political connections between him and Ganesh, but they are just friends.


After looking the at the reactions from both Ganesh and Botsa, observers say that they both are right. Ganesh earned hundreds of crores being a binami of Botsa in real estate business and as Botsa said, Ganesh is not an anti social element as he is just a binami of Botsa. Observers also say that it looks like a kind of publicity strategy for Ganesh’s upcoming film Gabbar Singh.