Gabbar Singh Audio functions passes sold in black

Audio Launch functions used to be stage to release album of the film ,with the invent of internet album songs are appearing on net for download before they are officially released still many star studded films go for audio launch functions for publicity of the film as well as to earn money.

Comming to Gabbar singh audio launch function was given to a Event management group which is the only company of its kind to organise such events atleast in Tollywood.The Event management group generally look for sponsors to get back their money invested through media partners (Electronic media) who in turn get money through advertisements.

But here starts a new business A new partner called internet partner has enter this business, Two leading websites who can never generate the amount invested still come up sponsor the events just because to sell the audio function passes  at huge price ( fans version) and generate invested amount , As a eye washer they even conducted a event gave just few passes .

Mega fans who die to see their hero’s used to get tickets to their respective fans associations but for Gabbar singh almost all the tickets were sold in black .