Gabbar Singh Anthyakashari Scene (video)

Coming out from the theaters of GabbarSingh every person may feel a strange feel of happiness. The movie with one man show of Pawan Kalyan and fresh comedy made audience to go craze over the movie. The Anthyakshari scene added a great energy to the total second half of the movie. The scene made the audience to burst their stomach intopieces.

Firstly, the expressions by Junior artists  for the songs are awesome.  Mainly the slow movement dance by Venkat for the song ‘Paadamante Paadedhi Pata kadhu’ is superb. Harish Shankar directed this scene in very clever manner in the way of selectingthe songs. Pawan Kalyan imitation as Angry Youngman Rajasekhar is mind blowing. Ali rocked as Jeevitha. Finally, Hairsh Shankar proved himself as succeeded in adding extra-spices to the story and delivered a blockbuster with Pawan Kalyan.

The List of songs are here for you:
  • Raalipoye Puvva Niku Raagalendhuke.
  • Nee paadham midha putti machunai chellamma..
  • Amma chudaali ninnu naannanu chudaali.
  • Paadamante Paadedhi Paata Kaadhu…
  • Maar Daala…. Maar Daalaa.
  • Rose Rose Roja Puvva..
  • Nannu Kottaku ro Thittaku ro Bava muddhula baavo..
  • Jhalak Dhik Laaja..
  • Kshandhamama Raavey Kshaabilli raave..
Pawan: Emi Sesthiri emi sesthiri.. ipude ila sesithiraa leka inthaka mundhi kuda ila sesthiraa.. ey samba emantav..
Ali: abba.. naadhemundhi bangaram.. kaani manalne evaru ardham cheskovatam ledhu……
This scene had brought laughs through out the theater as now it had brought a big smile on your face now.