Full text of Narendra Modi’s speech at Wembley Stadium

modiIndian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his Europe tour addressed around 60,000 audience at Wembley Stadium in London.

He said, When He came here 12 years ago He was a CM, But today he is among them with a new responsibility. There is no reason for India to remain poor, we harbor poverty for no reason, said PM.

He said, UK PM Cameron is very proud of the Indian community staying in UK. Mahatma Gandhi’s statue outside the British Parliament makes every Indian proud.

He said, India pride is its diversity. Indian always show the world as how they live in harmony. He said world sees India as land of opportunities .

Speaking on Terrorism  He said, Its the responsibility of every human living in this world to fight global warming and terrorism . He said India will show the world the path to fight the both.

He said, India is still underdeveloped country even after many decades of Independence as the villages still don’t have electricity . Development will be soon seen by te world .

Talking about Swachh Bharat, He said, India is clean and Swach . He urged the need to balance two FDI’s – Foreign Direct Investment and First Develop India. He said FDI into India has increased by 40 per cent and it shows the confidence on India.

In India many girls drop out of schools because they don’t have separate toilets. His government has completed the work of building girls’ toilets in each and every school in India,

He said, By 2019, 100% electrification of India’s villages with 24 hours power supply would be completed on 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Modi made interesting comments of ” Bonds” , He said whenever we think of “Bond” we remember James Bond &
Brooke Bond. James Bond gives entertainment, Brooke Bond gives freshness. He said , The rupee bonds being issued by Indian railways at London Stock Exchange.

He said, India can lead the world in the arena of harboring solar energy. Surya putras- the International Solar Alliance to scale up use of solar energy and India to become ” Solar-Power” country.

He said, INDIA is not just what you see on TV. “India much more than what you see on TV screen . India Must Be Transformed Into ‘Modern India’ stressed Modi

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In Rajasthan there is one person named Imran Khan in Alwar who made 50 apps to help students’ education and denoted those apps to students free of cost. My India resides in people like him, said PM.

He also announced direct Air India flight between London and Ahmedabad from December 15th. He said, The colour of our passports don’t matter, we are united by the colour of our blood.

Narendra Modi concludes saying Let us all participate in India’s journey towards development, he receives a standing ovation at London’s Wembley Stadium