Frustrated Mahesh Babu shouts aloud !! Prince Mahesh Babu turned into a furious and outburst-ed on producer & director of his upcoming film ‘Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu ‘ publicly.

This incident took place in Sabhalaya studios where Mahesh Babu came to dub his voice for the film. Suddenly he started shouting on Dil Raju and Srikantha Addala out of frustration . This incident frightened other people working there. The reason for his anger is still a suspense.

But, for last few days Mahesh is very much upset with Dil Raju especially, It is heard that Mahesh putting pressure on Dil Raju and distributors and even some exhibitors , calling them personally to block theaters for his film SVSC. Area’s with single screen are pressured by some political leaders of a new party too.  Mahesh at any cost wants maximum number of theaters  for SVSC .

Meanwhile, Dil Raju move of bagging Ramcharan ‘Naayak’ Nizam rights made Mahesh babu to go more aggressive as this move has sent wrong signals,  stating that despite of huge SVSC release with big star cast , Still producer Dil Raju has shown more confidence on other hero Ramcharan film success and  stamina than Mahesh Babu. Obviously any one in Mahesh Babu position will react like this !!.