Frustrated by Jagan’s attitude YSRCP MLA to join TDP

gaddi-eswariThe migration of YSRCP MLA continues from the party to ruling TDP. The newly-formed Visakha district paderu MLA Gaddi Eswari is set to join the Telugu Desam.

In the wake of campaign that Eshwari will join TDP for the past five days, her party office has become busy place with leaders, activists and public figures. All are planning to move to Vijayawada tomorrow.

Party leaders, activists, sarpanchs and MPP members in Gudumkottai, Chintapalli and Koiru Mandals have taken the decision to change the party. However, the YSR Party high command has been appealing them for last two days. Rajya Sabha member Vijay Sai Reddy and Karanam Dharmasri and others tried to persuade her to stay in the party.

But as she had already taken the decision, she rejected their plea. Arrangements of special vehicles have been made for her visit to Vijayawada. In the presence of Chief Minister Chandrababu in Vijayawada tomorrow, Eshwari will join TDP.

Speaking to the media, she said, “I was frustrated with Jagan’s attitude and tomorrow we will reveal all details in Vijayawada”.